Monday, April 26, 2010

What I loved about Treme' Episode 2

Just watched Treme' episode 2.

Some thoughts...

#1 - Love the Bullet's reference and revelation. Love Bullet's in the 7th ward. Shouts out to all the hardheads!!!!
#2 - Love that they played "La La" by Lee Dorsey in one scene. God I love that track.
#3 - Love Wendell's line - "I'm crossing mighty rivers for you"
#4 - Like the references to Galactic and that Trombone Shorty and Big Sam made appearances, as well as Allen Toussaint.
#5 - Love the "Toast and Burn" quote by Elvis Costello
#6 - Love the copper mining reference, true true
#7 - Jen Kober, you were awesome!!!! Great job honey child!
#8 - Love the St. Aug and Gert Town references
#9 - Love the hotel concierge saying "We don't send guests outside the French Quarter"
#10 - Love the John Goodman quote to his daughter "We live in a zero sum world, some one wins and the other one loses."
#11 - Lance Nichols was great!
# 12 - That Big Chief laid the smack down. Great Conclusion!!!
# 13 - Coco Robicheaux was AWESOME!!!
#14 - James H├ębert was creepy at the bar

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