Monday, April 26, 2010

Those Colorful Locals

Lost in a cabin on the brink of extinction
You took me back to life with a link to distinction
With a skylight above me, the clouds wavering
Time stops slowly enshrouded in your neighboring
Making me see nuances, making me see warmth
Taking me to distances, staking the tree's adorn

Maybe you don't know it but you saved my life so abruptly
Divine intervention you were a conduit of God so lovely
Piano'ing your tempests and teaching me the words of Buckley

Inside my heart you cannot know how much you've reprieved me
To know that I can grow, to know that you believed in me
The glow I may bestow, to know that you might see in me

That's a moment passing in time, to capture for you and I
A snowing on Christmas morning, freezing with no other place
Sick and cold in the cabin, you pulled me back to grace

Inside impairment, no despairing, at Fair Grinds the paintings baring
You Picasso me, you Gallo me, you hallow me in lightness sharing

Take me to the Warhol's inside the majesty of city park
Inside a sculpture where you freed me from my heart

That's just your twenties man, you said to me,
You live inside of me, my memory, ahead of me,
of all that's representational,
and it's archival yet sensational,
what you've passed to me,
this brasserie, this glass for me,
this pass for me.

To reach my dreams and live,
to be redeemed, and gleam within,
for the all to collect me in the greatest collection,
and I look forward to the day of our reception,
because there can never be nothing,
and you taught me that lesson.

It's what builds bridges, creates misery,
in the ghetto where the beauty lies,
on the falsetto of peruvian eyes,
mechanized madness you succeeded in,
and showed me all the lines for me to read within.
Because there is no flatness to explore,
only a rigid of reasons and talisman seasons,
with craziness and shit and congratulations
with weird noises and polka and amalgamations.

for i.m. who saved my life

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