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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Spirit Land

Cajun Choctaws race with old lace and arsenic
Without so much as a place to regard sin
With a spirit man in a spirit land'o cathartic

From bayous and bourbon to rum punches of Ashbury
Haight'ed with corner stones and zorba-phones of brasserie
Orca laced with rock medicine jazz-mastacy

Winter towers fret with winter's bone
Waywardly beseeching,
Reaching for you on a drifter's home.

Creed worthy,
She worried with a stencil's worth
On grassy fowls of plantations,
Imaginations of Kenilworth.

Magic makings,
Ratified and baptized with cap worthy mur,
Kaleidified and stratified with apt turvy words.

Routine-esque nature in the last days of lasers
Ongoing coffee, with Coco's and Robicheaux's, and Euterpes, and grazers
Shards of my soul shed, and all I'm left with is razed Earth

[For Coco]

Monday, April 26, 2010

For Louis

For Louis
and for Billie
A medley chosen for a saunter
Like deadly Begby hunting for marauders

Speaking with a kinship of Madrid proposals
Leaking all the vixens to the Royal hidden shemozzle

Better if I'm better in a flock of circling ouzels
Sing to me, O Nina, tell me I've been bamboozled
Flip your pages in your history, just for my perusal

Teach me something, teach me diddly dandy,
Teach me Mountains, teach me how to reach the Andes
Learn me something, say me something, to tell out all my family

Freeze me frizzles and frizzle my bedazzled,
Leave me fiddled with all my riddled up cadavers,
Skeletons melting in my closet tops and underneath my cave
My clubhouse in the backyard of Harang, on a record from my Dad

My dad the hero, My Dad De Niro, My Dad who played me straight a tune
Who slapped me on the wheels and taught me how to groove
He played with Blind Emile, he played at Red Bastilles,
Hit the hammond with a jumping, have you breaking out in mumps kid,
Get your shoulders shimmied and forgetting all your Munson's,
Hit the St. Bernard in Zoot Suits having playas showing sumthin'

You got so much talent, there's nothing sadder in the land of Storyville,
You waste it on a Porter gig, searching for salt to pour in gills
The poor are ill, sore and still, cherishing every moment,
more so than I, more so than why, more so than my...

adept adaptation.
Kevin left
except imagination.
And he never even got to hear you. Or learn of you.
And he had perfect pitch.
So play your horns for him.
Whether it's brass, or bagpipes, or xylo, or rhythmic piano, a conundrum diablo.

Play that Prytania St. sonata.
For my boy, for his love, for his voice, for his honor.
For when I see him Walking Tour Number 2 with the Frommer's.
For K.C., and B.B., who got to die young and innocent, before villainhood,
worrisome burdens me,
For y'all,
it's just...
St. James Infirmary.


What I loved about Treme' Episode 2

Just watched Treme' episode 2.

Some thoughts...

#1 - Love the Bullet's reference and revelation. Love Bullet's in the 7th ward. Shouts out to all the hardheads!!!!
#2 - Love that they played "La La" by Lee Dorsey in one scene. God I love that track.
#3 - Love Wendell's line - "I'm crossing mighty rivers for you"
#4 - Like the references to Galactic and that Trombone Shorty and Big Sam made appearances, as well as Allen Toussaint.
#5 - Love the "Toast and Burn" quote by Elvis Costello
#6 - Love the copper mining reference, true true
#7 - Jen Kober, you were awesome!!!! Great job honey child!
#8 - Love the St. Aug and Gert Town references
#9 - Love the hotel concierge saying "We don't send guests outside the French Quarter"
#10 - Love the John Goodman quote to his daughter "We live in a zero sum world, some one wins and the other one loses."
#11 - Lance Nichols was great!
# 12 - That Big Chief laid the smack down. Great Conclusion!!!
# 13 - Coco Robicheaux was AWESOME!!!
#14 - James H├ębert was creepy at the bar

Those Colorful Locals

Lost in a cabin on the brink of extinction
You took me back to life with a link to distinction
With a skylight above me, the clouds wavering
Time stops slowly enshrouded in your neighboring
Making me see nuances, making me see warmth
Taking me to distances, staking the tree's adorn

Maybe you don't know it but you saved my life so abruptly
Divine intervention you were a conduit of God so lovely
Piano'ing your tempests and teaching me the words of Buckley

Inside my heart you cannot know how much you've reprieved me
To know that I can grow, to know that you believed in me
The glow I may bestow, to know that you might see in me

That's a moment passing in time, to capture for you and I
A snowing on Christmas morning, freezing with no other place
Sick and cold in the cabin, you pulled me back to grace

Inside impairment, no despairing, at Fair Grinds the paintings baring
You Picasso me, you Gallo me, you hallow me in lightness sharing

Take me to the Warhol's inside the majesty of city park
Inside a sculpture where you freed me from my heart

That's just your twenties man, you said to me,
You live inside of me, my memory, ahead of me,
of all that's representational,
and it's archival yet sensational,
what you've passed to me,
this brasserie, this glass for me,
this pass for me.

To reach my dreams and live,
to be redeemed, and gleam within,
for the all to collect me in the greatest collection,
and I look forward to the day of our reception,
because there can never be nothing,
and you taught me that lesson.

It's what builds bridges, creates misery,
in the ghetto where the beauty lies,
on the falsetto of peruvian eyes,
mechanized madness you succeeded in,
and showed me all the lines for me to read within.
Because there is no flatness to explore,
only a rigid of reasons and talisman seasons,
with craziness and shit and congratulations
with weird noises and polka and amalgamations.

for i.m. who saved my life

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What I loved about Treme' Episode 3 - Right Place, Wrong Time

Actor of the week - Steve Zahn kills this episode. He's swiftly becoming my personal hero of the show.

- Steve Zahn's references to Drive Thru Daiquiris and Go-Cups reminds me of Chris Fontana
- Steve Zahn's references to Professor Longhair. My uncle Chuck McCarron did sound for Fess, so this is very close to my heart
- The references to the creole 7th ward were so close to home
- Lorenzo when he says to Big Chief, "What if they cancel carnival?" and the Chief says, "Where you think you at son, Arizona?!"
- Seeing @Vanessa Dimitropoulos with a Dr. John song playing in the background at Bacchanal where I used to screen shorts
- Dr. John the Night Tripper jamming in the studio alongside Shorty and others representing and using the local lingo saying things like "cop an attitude" and "let's do this sucka" and his references to Monk, Tutti, the Wild Magnolias, the Yellow Pocahontas, and more
- local actor Louis Herthum playing a cop
- Wendell's drunken musician walk couldn't have been played better - - alongside Lucia Micarelli on Royal St. near The Rib Room and then getting beat up on by the NOPD. so true.
- John Goodman's daughter youtube'ing about how many days she is going to have to spend in Baton Rouge - made me feel the pain of being stuck in Hammond for 2 months after Katrina
- Steve Zahn's references to Shannon Powell, Nicholas Payton, and Jesse Hill and saying "You live in the Treme' now, deal with it!" and "I've got strippers movin' in my neighborhood"
- That Music scene balcony with Lucia Micarelli - - view of the JAX brewery was AMAZING!!! Where is that?!!?!
- The scene at Feelings Cafe', one of my fav. haunts, last time I was in NOLA I ate there with Ashley
- John Goodman's quote "I love it so much, I often shave before I do it" in reference to teaching
- Steve Zahn, wearing a Dirty Coast Fess Shirt, and saying "Forget every thing you've been told about Jesus, Buddha, Allah, there's only God, and his name is Professor Longhair" to Goodman's daughter. Fantastic.
- The Katrina Tours in the 9th ward - Exploitative, ridiculous, and insulting. And the change of heart played by local talent Lawrence Beron was great as the driver when he realized how wrong what he's being a part of is...
- Loved the soundtrack of the whole episode. Wonderful.